Mesmerizing Binsar !!!

 It was my college trip when I first got a chance to travel Kumaon in length and breadth and with friends it was an unforgettable experience. Since then I have been traveling this region and with every visit my bond with this splendid place is getting stronger.

Today I would like to share my traveling experience about one of the most beautiful places of Kumaon which I recently visited, and the place is Binsar.

Binsar is a scenic spot near Almora and is well-known for its Wildlife Sanctuary. Full of dense forest and natural surrounding, this is altogether a different place for people who are lost in mundane life of metropolitan cities.

We were five people in total for this trip- My two sisters, brother, brother in-law and I. To reach Binsar, we started our journey early in the morning and after reaching Almora it took us around 45 minutes to reach the entrance of the Wildlife Sanctuary and from there we took the narrow road through the jungle to the Tourist Rest House of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN) and this 45 minutes journey was like a “long drive” in the jungle and we fully enjoyed it with some Kumaoni songs (regional songs of Kumaon).

We reached the Rest House at 11:50 AM and after relaxing for some time we started a small trek in the jungle with a guide. The trek was of 5 KMs till “Zero Point” (chief attraction of Binsar) from where we could see the 300 km panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, Panchchuli etc. While walking through the jungle we could feel the serenity of this place and I think our presence was disturbing the calmness. It was for the first time that we were walking through a dense jungle and its beauty was so captivating that we could not stop ourselves from taking the pictures of this marvelous place, after all photographs help us in nurturing the memories for our lifetime.

In the midst of the serenity we could also hear the chirping of different species of birds and sometime jumping Langurs from one tree to another and it looked as if they are no less than “KRISH”.  Surrounded by rich floralike hanging moss, ferns, different species of wild flowers,the place looked “beautiful” and we might have seen something like this only in National Geographic Channel.

Walking up and down finally we were at “Zero Point” from where, we could view the snow-capped peaks of the magnificent Himalayas, however it was not very clear at day time and our guide advised us to come early in the morning to see the spectacularview. After spending some time there, we thought of returning to the Rest House; however our guide was smart and he wanted us to enjoy the place to the fullest, so while going back, he took a different route altogether. We started walking down and there were leaves all around which had covered the path and we were supposed to walk over those leaves and find our ways. Initially we were extra cautious while walking however gradually we started enjoying. Finding our ways, some times slipping and then laughing and teasing each other, we were having our fun. Suddenly we started drawing similarities between the jungle and the jungle of “Ravaan” movie and in our imagination we felt as if we have been locked up in the jungle and we were trying to come out of it.

At last we discovered that we are out of the jungle and after ten minutes we were back at Rest House, exhausted & hungry and wanted to have something badly and we ordered for snacks. After having snacks we went out, took our chairs and relaxed under the mild sunlight and I know we will never forget the kind of peace we all felt at that moment of time. In the evening after having our dinner we all went to sleep.

Next morning we got up early to see the beautiful sunrise and the Himalayan peaks. Watching sunrise over the mountains was exceptionally beautiful. Slowly and steadily an orange-colored ball rises from the mountains and then gradually it spreads its light all over, making the peaks look like they have been coated with golden color. I was completely mesmerized in the beauty of the moment and could only say WOW !!!.

Finally the time came when we had to say goodbye to this amazing place, which gave us memories to be cherished for our life time and a feeling that we would love to come back to this place.




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