What kind of environment do we have in our workplace? Are we really energetic, enthusiastic with positive attitude towards our work or is it just opposite -Apathetic, negative, with no energy. Do we really enjoy coming to the office or is it just a necessity, a source of livelihood and we have no other choice, and most likely the answer would be that we have no other CHOICE. The work has become monotonous and we don’t find anything new in it, which excites us…motivates us and thus we don’t love our work and do it just for the heck of it.

Now the question is can we change anything? Can we love our work which seems monotonous, Can we bring energy, excitement, positivity to our workplace and the answer is YES, we can, and we have to continuously work towards it.

I recently read a book named FISH and after reading it, I felt that most of the time we have choices in life and we have to decide how we want our life to be. For example, I am not finding my work exciting any more and I am not getting any new role. Can I still be zealous about my work OR another example can be, suppose I am passionate about acting and want to be an actor, however for some reasons had to take up a career which has nothing to do with acting. Can I still love the work that I am doing or I can just complain about it?

Fish is a story about a Manager, who has to make a choice, either she has to change the unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team OR she may have to face the consequences. She is a single mom and is in a difficult financial situation. She cannot leave her present job, however has to do something to change her team which is a Toxic Energy Dump (as everybody loves to call it). One day while returning to her office, after lunch, she finds herself in a nearby Fish Market (which is actually Pike Place Fish Market -the world’s famous fish market) and is stunned by what she sees there.  She can’t believe that workers in a fish market can be so energetic, helpful and joyful about their work. The place was wild and she could feel herself relaxed as she enjoyed the craziness over there. She wanted to come back so that she can know the mystery behind the energy that she observed and she came back-again and again and learnt few important lessons, which she wanted to apply to her work place.

Strange, right…a manager learns something from a fish market and wants to apply it to her work place. But yes, she learns some valuable lessons which are as follows:

1) Choose your Attitude

2) Play

3) Be Present

4) Make their (customers) day

I think the first three applies everywhere -it may be your personal life, professional life. I don’t want to define them, because we all must have heard or learnt about them somewhere or the other and I think that we all should not only understand these lessons but should also try to inculcate them in our life and if we can, we will make a difference to how we live our life.

An inspiring book to read, which will not only make us understand the valuable lessons that it has to teach, but it will also talk about how small changes can make a big difference to our life. Bottom line is we all want to be happy, energetic, and enthusiastic about whatever we do, but how and the answer is simple-by following FISH PHILOSOPHY 🙂


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