Have you ever tried to observe people, may be in a railway station, bus station or any such places. You are alone and you have nothing else to do or the only thing that you can do is observe people. How is it like? I would like to share one of my experiences here and trust me we don’t get to watch people so closely.

Once I went to an electricity department to pay my bills. Though I always do it online, but because of some reasons, I had to go the electricity department. When I went there, I saw a big line for men and didn’t see any for women. I first looked here and there thinking that may be I might find one, but with no success and I stood behind a man of 40-42 years of age. I asked him too, if there is a separate line for women, he gave me a blank look, Either he didn’t like my face or my question,so he didn’t answer. More people started coming and stood behind me and I was feeling little uncomfortable standing in between all men. After some time I found that I am still standing where I was. I got little impatient and thought “GOD do I have to stand here for 3-4 hours and if yes, how will I do that” then suddenly I saw a women but to my surprise she didn’t stand in the queue. When I tried to approach her, she disappeared and I was wondering where did she go? I wanted to find it out, so I thought of going inside too. Earlier because of the line I couldn’t make out that there was some space to go inside and when I got close to it, what did I see -species of my kind. I had a big smile on my face and I thought, God finally I found them :D. Inside the room I saw few chairs to sit (I felt so relieved that now I don’t have to stand like other people), old women chit chatting with each other and young women taking care of their children and MEN (Men, but they were standing outside).Yes, these men inside the room were senior citizens.

While sitting on the chair, waiting for my turn. I had nothing else to do, so this strange question came in my mind, “Are women and Senior citizens (men) alike”. Can’t they have three separate counters for MEN, WOMEN and SENIOR CITIZENS? Engrossed in my own thoughts, suddenly I heard someone shouting. An old man of 62-64 years of age was shouting on a woman. I couldn’t believe the way he was shouting and using profanity. Though it was that woman’s mistake but how can a man yell on a woman and that too in public. That was so unkind and cruel. Suddenly two -three women came and asked the man to be calm down, but the old man still had the energy to shout and yell, but the woman couldn’t stand it, so she left the place. I could easily make out from the man’s face that he was so happy. As if he has won a battle and I was thinking, nowadays people fight by yelling and the one who can yell the loudest wins the battle. For another half an hour everything was same, people were coming and going some were having small arguments with the person sitting on the counter for change and nothing new.

Finally my turn was about to come, when an old guy who had just entered the room with a woman asked me, if I can pay the lady’s bill. He told me that she is coming directly from her daughter’s marriage and missing her and I was thinking what kind of logic is this. I could see that the lady was faking and I was thinking we all are sitting in the room for 40-45 minutes and you people have just entered the room and you want us to pay your bills. Either we are too dumb that we didn’t think of this option or you are trying to be too smart and finally I said NO to that guy. At last I paid my bills and came out and thought that tomorrow I’ll share my experience with my friends in the office and I knew that they will have a good laugh 😀


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